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Fueled by experiences all over the world, from the medieval castles of ancient Britain, the ancient and beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, to the depths of the jungles of India and high in the Himalayan mountains. Our imagination has been inspired by these places and our games are the products of our adventures.

Our first game Dead Throne® was built from the ground up over many years. Find us live on Kickstarter from 10 March 2018 and explore our new world.

Dead Throne: Dead Throne Logo

Dead Throne is an open world, adventure, strategy game based in the World of Veles comprising 2,400 years worth of history that can be discovered through gameplay and in more detail on our website. After the battle of the Iron Gates against the Dark Mages, peace existed in our land. But then Agrimor, a fire breathing dragon entered Lirennor and killed our king. The kings brother, an evil mage, tried to take power but he failed. He now seeks the Medallion Pieces from the heroes to seize the throne. But the heroes each require what Saladar, the kings brother has. Only one can be crowned the new ruler of Lirennor, will it be you?

Contents: 500+ cards, a mechanical market held within the lid, an awesome battle tray to organise your inventory, extra room for future expansion packs and so much more.